Dr. Blake Raggio

Dr. Raggio is the epitome of what an outstanding physician should be. The upmost in professionalism, extreme knowledge and skill and a warm personality that encourages a dialogue to gain best results. The results exceeded my expectations! I am grateful to Dr. Raggio and his entire staff.

— S.W.

This was my first time to have fillers. I felt that Dr. Raggio’s eye as well as technique was excellent. While I have had Botox before I felt that his utilization of the product was done with excellent skills. His staff was very knowledgeable and professional as well. I definitely plan to return to him in the future.

— J.M.

Dr. Raggio performed a Rhinoplasty for my teenage daughter. She had a problematic deviated septum and a crooked nose from a break when she was younger. I had one corrected 30 years ago, so I had an idea of what she would be experiencing. I was delighted in the advancements, but it could not match how much I appreciated Dr. Raggio. He is a master of his trade. We were both fully aware of what was to come and what our expectations should be. Dr Raggio asked questions and dialogued with my daughter and I both about the procedure and the vision he had for her. His thoroughness with seeing and planning what needed to be done for her and his ability and willingness to share that with us was so appreciated. He could certainly be held as a standard for other surgeons regarding his demeanor and communication skills. He also gave us thorough instructions for post opp. Just 10 days out of surgery we were able to see the results of his skill set. She did not have black eyes and she had minimal swelling. We could already see the new straightness and definition of her nose. What touched me most as a mother was after he removed the brace and cleaned the area Dr. Raggio asked her to take a deep breath through her nose. As she breathed in her eyes widened and the sincerest smile spread across her face as she began to giggle. He asked her if she remembered a time when she could take in a breath like that and she replied, "Never!" I think we were both a bit speechless at how beautiful his work was and how well she could breathe. He made it straight again and just ever so refined for her features. I cannot leave without mentioning that the entire process was a delight and full of blessings at each moment. The team in his office from the rave recommendation of him by Dr. Borg, the people at the front desk, his nurses, and even the insurance filer were each so pleasant, helpful, and kind. The Jackson Surgery Center staff was amazing and made it all a breeze. The anesthesiologist and her team took time to speak with me and answer questions and ease my concerns. Dr. Raggio communicated with us prior to the procedure, his nurse called me twice during, and I even caught him at my daughter's bedside after the procedure checking in on her and he spoke with me again there, even after calling me once the procedure was complete. My daughter did have a negative reaction to the anesthesia when we were home and Dr. Raggio responded quickly so that we could help her feel better as soon as possible. We are thankful to Dr. Raggio for his communication, skill, and the people he has chosen to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone and will continue to trust in his skill and knowledge for our family.

— J.V.

The Rhinoplasty I received from Dr. Raggio was excellent! He was equipped with the latest medical knowledge and ensured that I was properly informed about my health care. I was beyond satisfied with my outcome as well as the recovery time that was a result of the exceptional surgical procedure Dr. Raggio executed. I also experience very little wait time during my visits and the medical staff was always patient & helpful with my insurance. Highly recommended!

— R.C.

My experience and results with Dr. Raggio has been nothing short of fabulous. He is professional, knowledgeable, skilled and very kind. In today’s fast paced culture, it is rare to find a doctor who is not rushing through the visit- Dr. Raggio is very patient and listens to any questions/concerns I may have. He is also a great communicator. His staff is pleasant as well- I have felt welcomed and comfortable at each visit. Oh and as a bonus- visits are very efficient, which I appreciate as a busy mom (not much wait time!). I highly recommend his services!

— H.H.

Excellent staff at a first class clinic. Dr. Raggio took plenty of time explaining treatment options and thoughtfully answered my questions. Outstanding results with a minimum amount of recovery time. I highly recommend and will return in the future.

— B.H.

Dr Raggio is the ultimate professional, my rhinoplasty surgery was made easier due to the attention to detail and kindness of my doctor and his entire staff.

— N.P.

Dr.Raggio brought this sun damaged, tired face back to life. He uses the most cutting edge treatments and techniques that offer a pain free experience. You can’t help but leave his office with a smile on your face. His staff is pretty amazing too.

— C.M.

Dr. Raggio and his staff are amazing!! I am the type who gets a little anxious when going to a doctor’s office, but everyone there made me feel so comfortable and at-home from the moment I made the appointment to the time I left! We are so lucky to have him here in Montgomery! I wish I could give them more than five stars!

— B.B.

This was the very first time that I received a Botox treatment. I read the great reviews online and gave Dr. Blake Raggio a shot, and he exceeded my expectations. Dr. Blake Raggio made me feel welcomed and he took incredibly great care of me. All my questions got answered and I could tell that he really knows what he is talking about. He’s also pretty funny, which makes the experience even better - especially if you’re a little nervous like I was. I felt amazing walking out of his door and I will definitely return. Thank you Dr. Raggio.

— L.S.

I was a patient of Dr. Raggio for an evaluation of a scar near my nose that I was self-conscious about. When the stitches were removed there was no more scar. I liked to say I love and appreciate what Dr. Raggio did for me. I feel like a brand-new person. I definitely would recommend him to anyone who is in the same situation. Dr. Raggio, keep up your good work and may God continue to bless you with all you do. Thanks a lot!

— Z.B.

Dr. Raggio is an extremely skilled plastic surgeon, and I feel so lucky to have found him! I had a rhinoplasty performed at a young age with a surgeon whom I did not thoroughly research. A year after my surgery, the tip of my nose became asymmetrical. I scheduled a consult with Dr. Raggio after reading his reviews and researching his facial plastic surgery training. Dr. Raggio was wonderful in explaining my treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, as well as the risks in fixing my nose. He performed a liquid rhinoplasty, and I am amazed by my results! His attention to detail is outstanding! I do plan to have a revision rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Raggio in the near future, as I will not let anyone else touch my face!

— K.E.

Dr. Raggio is not only extremely knowledgeable and skillful, but he gives you results! He brought my aging face back to life with fillers. His attention to detail and placement of product is like nothing I have witnessed before. I am so glad I put my trust in his hands, as my face has never looked this good before. He truly is an expert injector!

— M.E.

Dr. Raggio was very professional and patient while listening to my concerns of a wrinkled brow and sagging skin. He provided an honest appraisal followed by an explanation of several options and expected outcomes. He deployed several techniques involving minimal discomfort to improve my overall facial profile. During the first mirror check I was amazed at how Dr. Raggio could immediately enhance my profile with slightest changes. I am so glad I put my trust in his skilled hands. Now as I catch my reflection it reminds me to pause and thank Dr. Raggio's talents for my new refreshed look.

— M.C.

Alabama Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. John Bauer

As a woman, we face many challenges daily feeling insecure about our bodies but the best decision I ever made for myself was contacting Dr. John Bauer! I consulted with him and immediately knew he was the one I wanted to change my body! His patience and professionalism are outstanding. His work is perfect! I highly recommend him you will be glad you did! Most importantly think of your body change as a lifetime investment, not a debt! If I had to do it all over again I’d choose him every time!

— S.B.

I can’t speak enough about Dr. Bauer. The professionalism, the kindness, the reassurance, was so needed and so appreciated. I had a breast reduction in 2003 and I was in the small percentage that nipple loss happens to. After my original surgery, I had a reconstruction surgery but ended with a mess. I tried different Drs, but it all seemed too extensive for them. I luckily was referred to Dr. Bauer and from the moment I stepped in his office, my anxiety vanished. Kindness and knowledge just made every anxious thought disappear. Within minutes Dr. Bauer had a plan, and within a few weeks I was in surgery. I received a bilateral breast reconstruction/breast reduction. I never expected perfection, but we are pretty close. I am no longer in pain. Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Bauer and returned a few weeks later for lip injections, and in a few months will be visiting him at Jackson hospital for a tummy tuck. You will not be disappointed with Dr. Bauer.

— A.R.

Most caring, professional Doctor I have ever been to.. I will be seeing him again next year for another procedure.

What I can say is that after I was diagnosed with breast cancer cancer he was a gift of God to me, as the perfect Dr. So professional, and a great gentleman always on my side always looking for the best options for me. God bless all his family and his career. My dear Dr. Smily.

In May 2020, at 52 years old, I decided to have breast augmentation. I always felt uncomfortable in my clothes, but there was always something more important to spend my money on. Dr. Bauer answered all mine and my husband’s questions before an after surgery. I was embarrassed to undress, but Dr. Bauer’s compassion and professionalism put me at ease. No one could be in the hospital with me due to Covid-19. Dr. Bauer kept checking on me before surgery. Sitting and talking with me while I awaited surgery. After surgery Dr. Bauer, called me personally several times to check in, see if I was doing good, and had any concerns. Dr. Bauer’s experience and surgical skills proved to be awesome, as I have beautiful perfect breasts now! Thank you Dr. John Bauer!

— J.M.

He was always very friendly and did an amazing job on my Breast reconstruction.

From the initial consultation to my actual surgery, Dr. Bauer and his staff provided me with exceptional care and concern for my health. I absolutely cannot say enough positive and great things about Dr. Bauer, his bedside manner and promptness to my needs is beyond five stars. I absolutely love this Dr.

Alabama Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Thomas Cawthon

I have been a patient of Dr. Cawthon’s for several years. I scheduled an appointment to address nasal congestion and difficulty breathing. During the consult, he explained the problem using the results of the CT scan. My septum was deviated. Dr. Cawthon suggested a Functional Rhinoplasty. During the consult he was very thorough explaining the surgical plan. The surgery went great. The results were better than I expected. I had minimal swelling, bruising or pain. I am beyond pleased with the excellent care I received before, during and after my procedure. Dr. Cawthon is professional, compassionate and highly skilled at Rhinoplasty procedures. My result was so favorable, he has performed Rhinoplasty on my sister and dad.

— Laura Coker

Dr. Cawthon did my septoplasty and rhinoplasty surgery. My nose looks beautiful. He is the sweetest Dr that I have ever been to. I love you Dr Cawthon, you’re the best.

— Tina Scarborough

Dr. Cawthon and his staff are amazing! Not to mention they are absolute beautiful people! I love all the work I have received.

— Amanda Kelly

This is the BEST spa for fills and Botox I have ever been to, ever!! The staff was over the top. The Dr. Cawthon is an artist! I look easily 10 to 15 years younger in little time, no bruising, bleeding or pain. This is unbelievable!! I will be a loyal devotee no matter where I move to!! Thank you feels insignificant for the awesome job your entire team did…but...Thank you!!!

— Georgiann Browne

After 15 years of Amateur Boxing and two broken noses I decided to get some help. I consulted two ENT’s in Orlando where I lived. They both said there is nothing they could do. I gave up until my daughter brought me to see Dr. Cawthon. He told me he could fix it, so I consented and what a difference it made. He gave me back the ability to breathe freely again. It fixed the appearance which I thought could not be possible, He is truly a genius. If you are browsing this site, and you need help, please visit Dr. Cawthon. You will be so happy you did.

— Terry Browne

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