For older issues, such as a scar or a mole reconstructive procedures may also be necessary. And then there are wounds that can be left behind from cancer excisions. No matter what type of reconstructive procedure is needed, our experts at ALPRS bring years of experience and skill to every case they take on. The goal at Alabama Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is to maintain as much as safely possible of our patients’ appearance in order to help them be comfortable and confident.

Scar, Cyst, and Mole Removal in Montgomery, AL

When your skin is clear and healthy, it makes you feel amazing. But when you have a noticeable scar, cyst, or mole, it can feel like that’s all people see. An obvious lesion can distract from your other features, and that’s why we invite you to discover our reconstructive services at ALPRS. We offer treatments to improve the appearance of scars, cysts, and moles and restore your self-esteem, such as our scar revision and removal, and mole removal in Montgomery, AL.

Scar Removal

There are many different types of scars, but there are also many advanced treatments to address them and decrease their visibility. No matter what kind of scar you have or how old it may be, it is likely that we can help reduce its appearance with our scar removal in Montgomery AL.

Cyst Removal

Cysts (benign growths underneath the skin) are normally harmless, but for those who have them, they can be a bother because they are noticeable. They can also drain and be uncomfortable. If you’re experiencing a cyst, we can treat it.

Mole Removal

Many individuals have moles that they wish to remove, as they can catch the eye easily. Moles come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be raised or flat. If you’re you’re interested in mole removal in the Montgomery, AL area, please let us know.

Facial Trauma Repair

Facial trauma repair treats the wounds and deformities that have been caused by burns, punches, thermal injuries, cuts, crushes, penetrating injuries, and more. From animal bites to sports injuries to car accidents, we perform facial trauma repair with skill and expertise.

Scar Revision

The goal of scar revision in Montgomery, AL is to make the scar as flat, smooth, and invisible as possible in order to make the patient more comfortable with its appearance. At Alabama Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we utilize several approaches to scar revision, including dermal fillers, fat grafting, dermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser and light therapy.

ALPRS for Reconstructive Procedures

Reconstructive surgery requires a doctor with skill, experience, and artistry who has a vast knowledge of the right techniques and technologies to best meet the needs of the patient’s specific case. Dr. Blake Raggio and Dr. Thomas Cawthon are both facial plastic surgery and reconstructive specialists who are leaders in the area. As the only fellowship-trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the region, Dr. Raggio is the authority on face surgery in Montgomery, AL. Dr. Thomas Cawthon is also a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with decades of experience. When you choose ALPRS, you are choosing extraordinary care and service from every touchpoint — before, during, and after surgery.

Blake Raggio

Facial Plastic Surgeon

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