What is non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Also called a “liquid nose job” or “nose filler”, non-surgical rhinoplasty is an excellent option for individuals whose aesthetic concerns about their nose only require small changes, such as asymmetry or a bump on the bridge. Dermal fillers are injected into specific areas of the nose to re-shape and correct minor imperfections. The result is a nose that is more harmonious with the face. Because a non-surgical rhinoplasty only uses dermal fillers, the results are temporary.


What is the best age to get non-surgical rhinoplasty?

The answer is any age spanning from the 20s to beyond. While dermal fillers are often associated with younger patients, even older individuals can benefit from non-surgical rhinoplasty. Convenience, a minimal recovery period, and boosted confidence look great on any age.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment details

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a quick, in-office procedure that only involves dermal filler injections. Before treatment, your skin will be cleansed, and a topical numbing anesthetic will be applied to minimize any discomfort from the injections. Once you’re numbed, the dermal filler will be injected into target points on and around your nose to achieve the desired results. Your specialist will know exactly how much filler to use, and where, to achieve the changes you want to make to improve the appearance of your nose. You will feel some pressure from the injections, but patients find the procedure very tolerable. Treatment time takes approximately 30 minutes.

Recovery and results

Downtime with non-surgical rhinoplasty is very minimal. In fact, patients may resume work the same day if they prefer. You may experience swelling and bruising, but these are temporary and can be easily covered with makeup.

Results will be immediate, and the longevity of these results will depend on the specific dermal filler that was chosen for you. During your consultation, we can give you a better idea of how long your results will last.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty from Montgomery MedSpa

If you’re interested in non-surgical rhinoplasty, Montgomery MedSpa is the ideal place for you. Not only are dermal fillers one of our main services; we are also home to a team of facial cosmetic experts. You will receive personalized care, customized and cutting-edge treatment plans, and service that is professional, warm, and helpful. We’re happy to provide extraordinary care and service from every touchpoint of treatment in order to achieve results that are natural-looking and beautiful. To find out more about non-surgical rhinoplasty, we welcome you to contact us today.

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